Get Stronger Every Day

Get Stronger Every Day

Power Lifting, Strength Training & Exercise Programs

Iron Pit Gym, LLC provides a space for you to complete your workouts on your own or with the assistance of a dedicated fitness professional. Our gym is equipped with the tools you need to take charge of your fitness. We offer flexible scheduling, so you can work out whenever it’s most convenient for you. Our facility includes machines and equipment like:
  • Dumbbells (up to 125 pounds)
  • Power Cages
  • Lat pull-down machines
  • Plyo boxes
  • Medicine balls
  • Adjustable benches
  • Belt Squat
  • Battling ropes
  • Farmer walk bars

Visit our space to see for yourself what a workout at Iron Pit Gym is like.

Stay focused on your goals

Not many gyms in the Apex, NC area focus on powerlifting. We’ve helped competitive powerlifters set state records and we've helped people prepare for their first competition. Our fitness trainers will develop a program that works for you. Call 919-439-0695 to schedule a one-on-one coaching session with a powerlifting pro.