Stretching Your Lower Back to Get Out of Pain – DON’T DO IT

When somebody’s lower back starts acting up, most will immediately start stretching it. It seems like the right thing to do. After all, we’re always told that stretching is a good thing, and your back often feels better after stretching it. Should we stretch our lower back when we’re in pain? No. Absolutely not. I’m […]

Why Bosu Balls are (Mostly) Worthless

Bosu balls are a popular implement for people looking to perform “functional” training. For some reason, training on an unstable surface is commonly considered more “functional” than training on normal ground. Functional training is a term that has been bastardized over the years. I view functional training as training that helps prepare you for real […]

2 Quick Tips to Gain Weight

Many high school athletes need to put on some quality mass before their next season starts. Many high school athletes also can’t seem to gain weight, even though they eat “so much food” and “there’s no way they could eat more”. Pounding 3 protein shakes each day is not the answer. Here are 2 quick […]

The Easiest Way to Get Your Health Back on Track

Training and your diet go hand in hand. When someone asks how to start eating healthy again, my first “fix” always involves beverages. More specifically, calorie containing beverages. Just about everybody knows that drinking soda is not the best thing for their health. Many people that I work with have already taken a great first […]

How to Reach Your Goals

Everybody should have goals. You should have goals related to fitness, business, life in general, etc. How to choose the right goals is a topic for another day. For now let’s assume you have your goals mapped out. The easiest way to achieve those goals is to find someone who’s already there. Success leaves clues. When […]

How Do I Decide Between Fitness Options?

You want to start getting back into shape. Great! Where do you start? There are so many options these days when it comes to fitness and many people have no idea where to start. You’ve got traditional strength training, yoga, spin classes, and other boutique fitness trends popping up everywhere. Which should you choose? The […]

How to Increase Your Vertical Jump

Every athlete wants to increase their vertical jump. The vertical is often used as a comparison between athletes, and is very indicative of the athlete’s ability to produce power. Of course, greater jumping ability also has obvious carryover to athletic performance on the field, especially in sports like basketball and volleyball. So what’s the best […]

Get Your Hands Off Your Knees! And Your Head!

The placement of your hands when trying to catch your breath is something that few people think about. Many people will try to bend over with their hands on their knees, but we all remember our coaches yelling at us to put our hands on top of our heads to “open up our lungs”. We’ve […]

Training vs Working Out

There’s a distinct difference between training and working out. When you’re training, everything you do in the gym has a distinct purpose and is designed to help you reach your goals. That’s what we do at The Iron Pit. There is a reason behind every aspect of each individual’s program. Everything we do has a […]

The One Secret To Achieving Your Fitness Goals

Here’s the secret to achieving your fitness goals. It’s the only thing you need to know. If you can just follow this one thing you will achieve incredible results. Ready? 3×52 (Credit to Tony Gentilcore for putting it succinctly) What does this mean? Train 3 times per week for 52 weeks. Consistently. That’s it. There’s […]