Many high school athletes need to put on some quality mass before their next season starts. Many high school athletes also can’t seem to gain weight, even though they eat “so much food” and “there’s no way they could eat more”.

Pounding 3 protein shakes each day is not the answer. Here are 2 quick and easy ways to get in some more calories.


When someone has trouble gaining weight, my first question is always “What did you eat for breakfast?” The usual answer is nothing. On rare occasions the answer is either a pop tart or a protein bar, neither of which actually count as breakfast.

When I tell them they need to start eating breakfast, I usually hear that they don’t have time. This is a BS excuse and it’s one that really irritates me. Here are some solutions to that.

– Wake up 5 minutes earlier and scramble some eggs.

– Make some eggs the night before so that it only takes a minute to heat them up.

– Make something simple like oatmeal. It literally takes 2 minutes to make. Throw in some frozen fruit or a scoop of chocolate protein powder to make it taste better.

It’s really not that hard. Don’t complain about struggling to gain weight when you’re skipping an entire meal.

2). Peanut Butter

Carry a jar of peanut butter with you to school. Eat a spoonful between every class. This is a quick and easy way to get in an extra 500+ calories. You may get some funny looks, but let the other kids stay skinny.

There’s 2 quick ways to get in some more calories. Try them out.